Magic the Gathering Review

This game is a simplification of the vast game that is Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast.  It takes the vast library of cards that Magic the Gathering has and builds about 7 decks of various types.  It has them built to work in one specific way to obtain a win.  To obtain the decks you have to go through what they call a campaign mode.

In the campaign mode there is no real story or goal.  Other then to beat your opponents and get the next deck for you collection.  Each person you fight has a new deck with different strengths and weaknesses.  Although some decks do get recycled and just get new really powerful cards.  You play on a table which you can change if you so choose which keeps it different.  When battling the cards do “attack” each other and the players but its very cheap.

The biggest problem I had with the game was the horrible randomization of the cards between you and the computer.  There are times for you when you get just nothing but Mana or Creatures not both.  But when its the computers turn they pull everything they need to see your demise without fault.  This happened to me a lot when fighting the last and hardest guy who would just dominate me before I could even get set up.  Also the load times are immense and you see a lot of them.  The problem with this game is that its only really meant for fans of the card game.  It teaches you how to play but you wont understand the full strategy of the game unless you have played the card version before.  Also I really wish they would allow you to play co-op campaign and two headed giant with a online partner.  It only lets you play those with a person right next to you which isn’t always the best way to play.

In the end this game is meant for the Magic fan’s and not much else.  Its a cheaper easier way for them to play with friends and not have to spend so much on the new cards.  If you really wanna know what Magic the Gathering is like but don’t wanna shell out the cash to build a deck then this is the game for you.

Score: 6/10

Addition: The expansions are more of the same the first expansion comes with 3 decks and 5 people to duel in campaign.  I didn’t have much trouble blowing through this expansion and collecting all the decks.  It was a bit short for the points spent on it.    Score: 5/10

Addition 2: The second expansion comes with 4 new decks and 8 new people to duel.  This expansion I had trouble getting through.  It was still fun though and I always welcome new decks.  It was a good length and put up some solid fight.    Score: 7/10

Addition 3:  The third expansion I have yet to beat.  I will update when I finish.

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