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I am currently working on Epic Mickey, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Magic the Gathering Expansion 3.  Also please leave comments, questions, and suggestions for games to play.

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Magic the Gathering Review

This game is a simplification of the vast game that is Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast.  It takes the vast library of cards that Magic the Gathering has and builds about 7 decks of various types.  It has them built to work in one specific way to obtain a win.  To obtain the decks you have to go through what they call a campaign mode.

In the campaign mode there is no real story or goal.  Other then to beat your opponents and get the next deck for you collection.  Each person you fight has a new deck with different strengths and weaknesses.  Although some decks do get recycled and just get new really powerful cards.  You play on a table which you can change if you so choose which keeps it different.  When battling the cards do “attack” each other and the players but its very cheap.

The biggest problem I had with the game was the horrible randomization of the cards between you and the computer.  There are times for you when you get just nothing but Mana or Creatures not both.  But when its the computers turn they pull everything they need to see your demise without fault.  This happened to me a lot when fighting the last and hardest guy who would just dominate me before I could even get set up.  Also the load times are immense and you see a lot of them.  The problem with this game is that its only really meant for fans of the card game.  It teaches you how to play but you wont understand the full strategy of the game unless you have played the card version before.  Also I really wish they would allow you to play co-op campaign and two headed giant with a online partner.  It only lets you play those with a person right next to you which isn’t always the best way to play.

In the end this game is meant for the Magic fan’s and not much else.  Its a cheaper easier way for them to play with friends and not have to spend so much on the new cards.  If you really wanna know what Magic the Gathering is like but don’t wanna shell out the cash to build a deck then this is the game for you.

Score: 6/10

Addition: The expansions are more of the same the first expansion comes with 3 decks and 5 people to duel in campaign.  I didn’t have much trouble blowing through this expansion and collecting all the decks.  It was a bit short for the points spent on it.    Score: 5/10

Addition 2: The second expansion comes with 4 new decks and 8 new people to duel.  This expansion I had trouble getting through.  It was still fun though and I always welcome new decks.  It was a good length and put up some solid fight.    Score: 7/10

Addition 3:  The third expansion I have yet to beat.  I will update when I finish.

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Assassins Creed 2 Review

This game is a true sequel to the first one. It has a lot of the same game play mechanics like the silent assassinations and the counters when fighting. They added new weapons such as maces and pole arms. It has new counters even one for unarmed and the new weapons. New enemy types like the searcher who will look for you in hidden places such as the hay bails. They even added swimming which is good because this game is going to be in Venice.

They do fix most of the issues that there was in the first one like walking to each city. It makes it much less annoying to get to the city which is a great thing. There is all the old side mission times like the races and the assassinations. One thing I wish they would have done more of though with the assassinations is make them have a couple different ways. Instead of just having you just go out and kill them but make you kill them in different ways such as falls or even poison. Now they give you money so you can go to the newly added stores to buy pouches, weapons, armor, art, and medicine. The stores are a really nice addition because they add a new aspect to the game of getting money and trying to save it up to get the next weapon you want to get. The weapons you can buy even have stats to effect the way they work. Such as how fast they swing and how well they can counter another fighter. One of my favorite things was that you were able to buy color changes for your assassins garb which made it more fun for me because I got really sick of white in the last game. There is a good amount of weapons to buy and art to find.

The biggest addition in this one is the addition of owning a small city. You obtain the city after the first few hours of play and it is your main source of income. They give you the ability to build new store and upgrade the city to increase revenue. As you collect art, armor, weapons, and complete side quests in the city’s it also helps increase revenue from your city. It takes little time to get the city up to making large amounts of money every 20 minutes.

The first big issue I have with this game is that its not a whole lot different then the first. Its fun for awhile but the repetitiveness catches up to it after awhile. The story is different and there are some new weapons but its not a big change. The weapons are the same from the first with the sword, short sword, and hidden blade. The new weapons are the mace and some new hidden blade attachments. I thought it was going to be new weapons that you can carry not just a mace. There is pole arms and long swords, but those have to be disarmed from searchers and heavy’s and even then after the fight is over they fall to the ground. Also with those weapons if you counter once with them you lose them for the rest of the fight and have to go back to the stuff you started with. I mean you can buy a lot of weapons but they are just sword, maces, and short swords and they all have the same counters and attacks as the others of the same type so its just a new look. Also one of the new hidden blade attachments I only used once to get the achievement and never used it again because it didn’t do anything different and just consumed materials.

Then there is the issue of the small city you own. Its nice to have money coming in but in the first few hours of the game so much money is coming in that you can almost buy every item in the stores and the money just never stops. You will have the town fully upgraded in no time and be making tons of cash for everything. Then you have the best possible weapons and armor to the point you are at in the game and it makes the enemy’s a bit easier and your health to be higher so it makes it harder to die. In turn not giving you much of a challenge to complete your missions or side quests.

My final issues are game play related. First, in this game now you have to go to a Doctor to heal your wounds and get medicine so as you don’t die. My issue with this is that it’s trying to make it harder but since nothing else in the game is really that much harder this just make things annoying. You have to stop in the middle of all the fun you are having and go to your map and mark a doctor so you can go and have him heal you and pick up more medicine. It would have been nicer if they just made it so your health doesn’t return when in battle but does if your out of battle and don’t have a notorious wanted level. It would raise the challenge but also take away the unnecessary need to go find someone to heal you. The side quest are nothing new, they are all the same and all still boring(except for assassination). The races are the same as the first game its just now instead of having flags its just big round beacons you have to run through not a big difference and still pretty boring.

In conclusion the game is a good game in looks and game play. It just has a few things holding it back and is in need of some more changes before they get the perfect game. But sadly I don’t think they could fix everything for the game to make it perfect without getting too far away from the real aspects of the game.

Score: 8/10

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Here’s to the Beginning.

I’m going to use this blog to review the games I play. Hopefully this blog will help you find a game that you will enjoy.

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